Gold Dory

20,000 kgs to Sell

We presently have Gold dust (4MT) & Dory bars (3MT) in storage here in Ghana for sale with a security company  (Pacific Security Limited, Ghana) specialized for storage of AU and other delicate goods amongst other services  they carry out. CIF Price of gold dust is $22,500/kg & Dory bar is $25,400/kg and selling procedure is:
1) FCO is issued by Seller. FCO is signed / stamped by Buyer indicating acceptance and returned to Seller or  LOI/RWA issued by Buyer.
2) SPA (Contract) is issued by Seller. Both parties sign then Seller issue to Buyer the following documents: SKR,  Attestation of Ownership, and Sample Assay Report from Geological Survey Department and Pro-forma Invoice.
3) Buyers bank shall issue Payment Guarantee (PG) in the form of Non-Operative (OPERATIVE if below 1000kgs)  BG/SBLC via MT-760, DLC/RDLC via MT700/MT720 or MT103 or MT103/23 within 3 days of signing SPA.
4) Sellers bank shall issue an operative 2% PB (from 1000kgs) to activate PG not later than 7 days of receipt of PG.
5) Seller shall ship the Gold to the airport of Buyers destination not later than 10 days after operative and  acceptable PG is in place accompanied by Sellers Rep.   6) Buyer shall meet Sellers Rep and Product at airport on arrival. Buyer shall clear through customs at his own  expense in presence of Sellers Rep.
7) Product shall be moved to Buyers Refinery by Buyer for Assaying accompanied by Sellers Rep. Title and Legal  ownership is transferred from Seller to Buyer.
8) Refinery shall issue Assay Report upon completion and it will be sent to both Buyer and Seller. Sellers Rep shall  witness assaying at Refinery.
9) Buyer shall effect payment based on Assay Report by TT in full, bank to bank, within 5 banking days of receiving  final assay report or the Payment Guarantee will be called by Seller in response.
10) If payment is received from Buyer to Seller, then PG (BG/SBLC) issued by Buyer shall become null and void  upon receipt of payment in full from Buyers bank by Sellers bank and then returned to the issuing bank.     We can at a stretch take off a substantial amount as discount strictly dependent on closure time and quantity.  I look forward to hearing from you and believe we can build a strong and lasting business relationship together.

1. DLC/RDLC via MT700/MT720 must be OPERATIVE for at least 180days with delivery clauses when issued.
2. 2%Performance Bond will not be issued in response to OPERATIVE DLC/RDLC via MT700/MT720.

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  1. John Bodman says:

    We are international buyers of gold dust, gold dore bars and gold nuggets. We will welcome receiving full details of any current offers you may have – preferably as a FCO. If you also had a soft contract that will be helpful. Please respond by EMAIL ONLY to goldtrader07 at yahoo dot com ( including your full contact details

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